H. Experiences with the seniors in the Brahma Kumaris

I have chosen this life outside the Brahma Kumaris, based on my own preferences and based on God's guidance.

During my first trip to the Brahma Kumaris, at the beginning of 1997, I and another BK were standing near the road trying to take the next bus so as to go somewhere (I can't remember where). The BK bus, which was used to take the Dadis and other seniors around, came. Since we were both new in Mount Abu, we did not know that it was the seniors' bus. So we put our hand out to stop it. It stopped to let us climb in. Excited that we had got transportation, we started to climb into the bus. When, I realised that it was the seniors' bus and that they were in the bus, I quickly started to climb out of the bus. But one of the seniors gently caught hold of my hand and had very lovingly told me to come into the bus. I pulled my hand off and jumped off from the bus. The bus still stood there and I started walking off. The other BK who was with me, seeing that I had jumped off, also jumped off and walked off with me. I had not wanted status in the Brahma Kumaris like how many people were trying to get in the Brahma Kumaris. This was why I had jumped off the bus and walked off.

Once, the former head of the Brahma Kumaris (Dadi Prakashmani) had said, while looking into my eyes, that I had to work my way up in the Brahma Kumaris. Though she had said that, I did not do that because I did not want status in the Brahma Kumaris like how so many were trying to get it.

I chose the life-style which I am living now based on my own preferences and experiences. I believe in, and use, the knowledge given by the Brahma Kumaris though I do not go there regularly now.


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