E. Current Business.

Currently, I am a non-practicing advocate and solicitor. I have set up the business of renting rooms and I receive an income through that.

I stopped legal practice after having given it a lot of thought. One of the judges, after noticing my subtle powers, began to half-stand (in a bent position) when I stood before him to present a case. It had seemed like as if he was doing that out of respect and he would smile courteously while doing that. However, the lawyers began to get disturbed because if the judge stands, then everyone should stand. However, no one, other than the lawyer presenting the case, can stand while the lawyer is presenting the case. Thus, the lawyers would look at me while wondering what to do. The judge was not standing up erect and so they remained seated. I used to tell myself that it was a test paper and that I should pass it. Then, a very senior lawyer who has also received the BK godly knowledge had approached me and said, "Shouldn't a person like you be sitting in the centers instead of hanging around in the courts?". I began to give a lot of thought to what she had said and decided that my presence was causing a disturbance within the court premises because of what the judge was doing. Thus, I took the decision to stop legal practice and I decided to complete my LLM (Masters in Law).

As I was about to complete my LLM dissertation, I took the decision that I should do something to get an income. So, the business of renting rooms was set up. Later, I began to write my proposal for my PhD (relating to the laws in respect of emergency powers and human rights). The proposal had been finished and submitted to a university in New Delhi in India where it had got accepted. But I was not able to continue due to various circumstances and I am planning to submit it again in 1 or 2 years time.

After I came into the Brahma Kumaris, I began considering myself as an angel/fairy whose concern / business was to help God with His business of getting the heavenly world re-created. In Hindi the word 'Pari' (my name) means 'fairy'. I began to consider myself as a fairy who is being used by God. I began to consider myself as an instrument of God. Thus, God's business is now my current business too.


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