D. 'Experience' While Waiting in Court to Present a Case

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I stopped legal practice because of an experience in court which had happened while I was waiting to present a case before the judge.

Once, around 1996 or 1997, while the other lawyers were presenting their cases to the judge, I was sitting there and contemplating on spiritual knowledge and seeing visions. The judge was looking at me, into my eyes, when he kept getting up (without completely standing up erect), everytime when I was seeing the visions. I think he did that because he was also seeing the visions which I was seeing.

When the judge was standing up, with his legs bent like as of he was about to sit down, it had made the lawyers and everyone else in court very uncomfortable because when the judge stands up, everyone in the court are supposed to stand up. Thus, everytime when the judge stood up with his knees bents, all the lawyers would turn and look at me, like as if they are uncomfortable and confused as to what to do (whether to stand up or to just continue sitting as they were doing). The judge was actually smiling at me even though he was in that position where he was standing with his legs bent like as if he is about to sit down.

I was trying to stop myself from contemplating so that I would stop seeing the visions. But it was taking such a long time for all the lawyers to finish presenting their cases. So, my mind would keep going back to the spiritual knowledge and I would keep seeing visions. And the judge would keep standing with his knees bent like as if he was about to sit down. And all the lawyers would keep turning and looking at me.

But the judge had continued to smile at me and he was still smiling at me when I was presenting my case before him. He, and the other judges, never told me that I should stop coming to the courts to present cases.

But, later, some of the lawyers were saying that a person like me should be sitting in the BK centers and not in the courts. I gave it a lot of thought and decided to quit legal practice.

From that time, I have been involved with godly service (relating to world transformation through self transformation).


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