F. Roles.

There are various roles which I have played from my corporeal birth until I came to the Brahma Kumaris. I had played the role of the daughter, the sister, the friend, the wife, the sister-in-law, the daughter-in-law, the mother, the teacher, the lecturer, the lawyer etc.

After I received this godly knowledge, I have played numerous more roles. I have played the role of being engaged to God, the role of being God's bride, the role of being married to God, the role of the spiritual effort maker and various angelic / deity roles when I am in the pure soul-conscious state.

God sees us as souls and we are able to play a role with Him because of His pure vision of us as pure souls.

I am engaged to God when I am making effort to use this godly knowledge and God. I play the role of the bride when I receive the benefits of my spiritual effort making (when I am able to enjoy the benefits of the divine virtues and powers which God is endowing me with). I play the role of God's wife when I listen to the murli in the subtle region, when I do this godly service, etc. I play the various angelic/deity roles when I experience those roles during my spiritual effort making. When I play these angelic/deity roles, I am doing godly service. I play the role of the Brahma Kumari when I am making spiritual efforts.

I also play the role of being God's child. I am the apple of His eye. I am God's angel, His fairy, His right hand, etc. Everyone has a right to see themselves in this way and so do I. I am an instrument of God. I am a messenger of God. There are so many more numerous roles which I play because I am practising this godly knowledge.

Apart from all these roles, I also have the various corporeal roles which I play during each mu births in the world drama cycle. I have 84 roles to play during each cycle of time because I take 84 births in each cycle. This is the maximum number of roles that one can play in each cycle of time. Some of my past birth roles had kept emerging even in this birth (even though they were not supposed to). In each birth, we begin our role for the birth with a clean slate. So we should not be remembering past births unless it was happening based on our divine soul-conscious stage.

Each one of us has our own roles to play in this world drama cycle and we should not desire to play the role of another. We would never be able to play that soul's role as efficiently as how that soul can do it. I began to understand this after an incident. When I was quite new to this godly knowledge, I began to wonder as to why it was taking God so long to bring in all the deity souls into this godly university. I began to think that God must be inefficient and that this was why He was taking so long. So I told God, "Hey Baba, I want to play the role which you are playing". I thought that I could do a better job. God invited me over to play His role and I went and sat on His lap to do so. As I was trying to play His role, I found that I couldn't do it. So, I decided to go back to the role of being an instrument since this was a role which I could play.

Thereafter, I began to think that it was not easy to play God's role and that this was why it was taking so long to bring in the deity souls so that the heavenly world can get re-created quickly. I did not understand this knowledge sufficiently well and so I had thought that. With time, I began to realise that God only does everything as per the World Drama and that this was why it was taking so long.

Actually, no one would ever be able to play God's role because God is an Ocean where strength, might etc are concerned and we are only like a drop in comparison. Thus, no human soul will ever be able to play God's role. No one can also play any other person's role. Each one has his own role as per the World Drama. Thus, the abilities etc that one has are usually suited for his own role. Thus, we should never desire for another person's role but we can do the best with the role which we have got.

Though God says that everything happens as per the World Drama, God also tells us that as we change, the drama changes. So, by changing we can change the drama. We change as our thoughts change. By maintaining the thought that we are souls who are pure and divine, we will be able to become that. As we change, the drama changes and then heaven also gets re-created. Whatever I am doing is based on my role in this world drama cycle.


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