J. Experiences Through Meditation Just Before Sleep

BK knowledge teaches us that our spiritual stage should be good when we are about to sleep so that we have a good rest in that stage and so that we get up while in that good stage. So, I meditate to improve my stage, just before I am sleep off.

The effort-making which we do before sleep helps to increase our spiritual strength. Then, after we wake up, the high spiritual stage which we wake up in will help us to become spiritually powerful too. We we gain spiritual strength while we are awake and we have a good rest while sleeping.

I have had wonderful experiences through my meditation just before sleep. Once I felt a golden light filling me up and I felt like as if I was a divine royalty sleeping off. There was no vision, it was just a feeling. One should not associate sleep time to 'vision' time.

Once, during the day time, I wanted to just close my eyes and meditate for a few minutes just to get refreshed to continue (because I was feeling tired). I tried to make sure that my stage was good during the meditation. Then, I opened my eyes after a few minutes and I looked at the clock. I noticed that somewhere between 1 to 3 hours had passed by (I am not sure how long since it happened many years ago). I was wondering what had happened to the clock and asked my mother and sister if something had gone wrong with the clock. They told me that I must have been sleeping.

My mother and sister told me that my body was so still from the time I closed my eyes until the time when I opened my eyes. They told me that since I was so motionless, they had thought that I must be meditating like how yogis try to remain so still when they meditate. They gave their opinion that I must have been sleeping and asked me if I was sure that I was not meditating during that time.

I know that I was not meditating over a long time. I have meditated for 2 hours and even longer without getting up. During the long hours of sitting in meditation, our stage would be good for a few minutes. Then, we would be battling and trying to go into a good stage again. Then we would attain a good stage again. Then we would lose it and we would be batting again. We would be continuing to do this during the long period when we sit in meditation. If we were fortunate, the meditation hour would finish when our stage is good and we would get up and walk off with a good stage. If we were not that fortunate, the meditation time would finish when we were in the process of battling and we get up and walk off feeling so exhausted and tired (like as if we were walking off from a battle-field). But in this sleep experience, I closed my eyes and made sure that my stage was good. I was experiencing golden light. Then, I just opened my eyes. It felt like an experience of a few minutes only. There was no battling. There was only my initial attaining a good stage. How could I have continued the good stage for so long? Not possible. If we were in our constantly divine stage now, then it may have been possible. But we have not completely transformed for good as yet. So, it is impossible to maintain a high stage for so long. The stage must have continued because I was sleeping in that stage.

As far as I know, I had just closed my eyes for a few minutes and had then just opened it. I did not have any sign, or feeling, which showed that I was sleeping. I had never experienced sleep in this way before and I could never experience it again. I had kept trying to experience it again. I had so many other different kinds of experiences but not exactly like this one. Maybe, God helped to give me that experience.


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