C. Subtle Abilities and God's Guidance.

The ability to see visions had actually begun before I came into the Brahma Kumaris. However, it has developed greatly after I came into the Brahma Kumaris. Even though I had learnt the art of communicating subtly, before I came to the Brahma Kumaris, my ability to communicate subtly etc had only greatly developed after I came into the Brahma Kumaris. I believe that I have a role to play with God at the end and this may be a reason why all these subtle abilities have developed.

Between 1996 and 2001, God would keep telling me that He could only use me after I have become powerful spiritually. So, He would keep telling me to make effort to go beyond so that I become spiritually powerful. Thus, I was working very hard to stay linked to God, from 1996 to the end of 2000 so that I can increase my spiritual strength and have control over my mind, intellect and subconscious mind (memory bank). I can clear my mind instantly now. Since my spiritual strength has increased, I do not allow my past births to take control like how they used to do from 1996 to 2000.

Since I was young, I always felt that God was guiding me. Since it was happening over a long period of time, I had begun recognising the force and the pattern or signs through which I got the guidance from God. I could see the pattern and the signs etc and I knew that God was guiding me. When I was guided into the Brahma Kumaris, I had felt that I was being guided by God into the Brahma Kumaris. When I was listening to the sakar murlis, I was able to recognise that the God who got those murlis spoken was the same God that was guiding me all those years before I came into the Brahma Kumaris. Based on my experiences, I knew that there was only one God and that it was this God who was helping and guiding me all along.

When I had taken the decision to leave the Brahma Kumaris, I had also done that because I could see the Godly guidance which showed that it was time to leave the Brahma Kumaris.

After I left the Brahma Kumaris, I had been introduced to so many different things. Yet, I am still a spiritual effort maker, through using BK knowledge, and I am trying my best to flow along with God as He guides me. Now, I am involved with the Global BK Forum in the internet and I use God's guidance to write articles to post there. Whatever I had done, was done because of the Godly guidance which I got. Off course, I can choose not to do as per the Godly guidance but I choose to follow where this is concerned. I have always been doing that and only the best comes out of all those guidance. So why shouldn't I follow the Godly guidance.


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